Why Twitter Won’t Be Around in 5 Years
Date: 10 January 2017
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(…) Key factor that could lead to Twitter-as-we-know-it not being around in a half-decade: its darling product, Periscope.Periscope, Twitter’s live-streaming app, has grown to impressive international usage. Twitter recently integrated Periscope into its apps, making it easier than ever for anyone to “go live,” and broadcast to the world in live time.

Right now, Periscope is the hottest product Twitter has going.

Unfortunately, Facebook also has Facebook Live, and a massive marketing budget to make the product grow to scale. Both companies haven’t released updated user counts lately, but it’s evident that Facebook Live continues to eat up a lion’s share of the livestreaming pie, simply by being available to a wider range of people.

This is a battle Facebook desperately wants to win, and it boasts a history of competitors bested (or bought) as evidence that the social media giant means business. I could definitely see Facebook totally overshadowing Twitter when it comes to the go-to platform for livestreaming. That may be Twitter’s death knell.

While Twitter could surprise us all by solidifying its leadership team, developing ad platforms that energize brands and investors and stave off Facebook Live, I believe the most likely outcome for Twitter is to go the route of MySpace — relegated to irrelevance.

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