When a Broken Headlight Leads to Deportation
Date: 19 July 2017
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Heading to church one evening in late March, a farmworker and her sister were stopped for speeding website

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IMO you need to stand up to your family. They are trying to browbeat you into obedience. Misguided as it is, it shows they care about you. You can probably use this to correct the situation with a few days of fasting, and sneaking what you can. Try to get them to feel guilty over their actions. Might take a bit of suffering on your part but it might be worth it to get them to accept your new diet, as well as your right to make your own choices.

Bullies get a power trip controlling others through threats of violence. Do you really want to be influenced by those values?

Domestic violence is wrong and you should escalate the whole ball of wax into the legal system if it comes down to it. You would be better off without that crap for your own mental well being.

Elder or not I would not let someone beat me without taking a piece out of their hide. As long as they know you are willing to defend yourself it might influence their actions.

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